• Lighting Maintenance
  • Flat Rate Contracts

No matter what your commercial lighting needs, we are able to put a plan into place to best serve you.

We can maintain any type of interior or exterior lighting, no matter the height, to make sure your business stays well lit for your employees and customers. Well-timed maintenance maintains levels of safety and saves you money, making it an important part of your electrical budget. We make it easy, with the right equipment and experience to efficiently and safely make repairs, during your hours of business or after.

Some of the types of lighting we maintain:

- Incandescent
- Fluorescent
- HID (Metal Halide/ HPS / Etc…)
- High/ Low Bay
- Recessed
- Grid Lay-Ins
- Parking Lot/ Flood lighting
- Outdoor lighted signage

We are also able to provide added efficiency by installation of control devices to your existing lighting. We can custom tailor a control system allowing for more precise control of their ontime per day, such as;

- Motion sensors
- Occupancy sensors
- Dusk to dawn sensors (photocells)
- Timer control
- Lighting control contactors

Many of our customers have been taking advantatage of the savings and predictability of our Flat Rate Lighting Contracts. Custom built to suit your interior and exterior lighting needs, we can build a flat rate monthly or annual contract to keep your lighting working to its full potential. This allows our commercial clients the ability to budget a standard amount, and not have to worry about per-call charges.

We are also able to extend our service area for businesses with multiple locations, which include a few local locations, but may extend to other areas of the country. We are able to service all your locations without the hassle of finding regional companies to provide different services in different areas. We have found that customers are able to realize a tremendous savings when coupling our flat rate lighting contracts with having us provide service to their entire chain, all while providing them the maximum monthly cost predictability.

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